Strife and Confusion Thrive when this Spirit is in Control

Your words are twisted and confused before they reach another person's ears.

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

This spirit thrives on false accusations, character assignation, religious legalism, backbiting, gossip, and lead you into feelings of failure.

Left unchecked its goal is intimidation, anxiety and depression in order silence the voice of the righteous.

In the home this spirit can:

  • Lead to divorce and rebellion in your children.

In the business sector & church:

  • Division and strife
  • And eventually cause your ministry to crumble from the inside out.

My Story

I want to lead like Jesus.

I want to love like Jesus.

I want to lift up Jesus and not focus on the enemy. But the spiritual war is REAL.

I was full of zeal to see the kingdom of heaven come.

I knew my war was not against flesh and blood so I did my prayer time, bible study time and gave my whole heart into ministry and family.

I wanted to have a heart to hear the complaints and corrections of others without regard. I thought I could love them out of the grip of the liar.

Until one day, the Lord gave me a dream. I saw alligators swarming my children and these people I was "hearing out" were about to leave my children to be eaten by alligators.

It was then that the Lord spoke to me "If you don't take this spirit out it will consume you, your ministry and your family. It's a manipulating, accusing, & sabotaging spirit. Stop counseling and trying to appease. Come out of agreement with the accusations of the enemy through these people. If you love them, crush satan's head."

This spirit had a deep grip on my thoughts, emotions, and had begin to destroy my self worth.

Even my physical body would respond with Post-traumatic Stress after so may years demonic punches. God woke me up, equipped me, healed me and gave me the power to deliver.

In this course

  • I will help you be delivered, healed and set free from the attacks launched by the spirit of accusation.
  • I will help you minister deliverance to others without being manipulated or controlled any longer.
  • You are about the get your voice back.
Daniella Gibbons

We found a whole new grace to serve well and love well as the Lord has called us; in this context of understanding what is going on behind the scenes in the spirit realm and it changed everything.

Tom and Lyly Ledbetter

This sabotaging spirit tried to destroy our ministry. Now we are fighting on the frontlines to see people delivered and ministries rise out of deception.

Jessica Southerland

Leviathan was destroying communication in my marriage with confusion, offense and judgement. All of our words were twisted by the time they made it to the others ear. When the Lord exposed this spirit and how it was working, He showed us what was real vs. what was perceived making room for healthy conversation . It was like clearing out the airwaves.

Because Now Is The Time

Tammie Southerland

Tammie Southerland is a passionate lover of Jesus and a sought after prophetic speaker, author and revivalist. When she speaks, prays, and releases the fiery love of God she provokes people to hunger for God alone. The lost are saved, sick are healed, burnt-out leaders bow to their knees to their “First Love” again, dreamers begin to dream again, and destiny is awakened in hearts that have fallen asleep! She is passionate about prayer and intimacy with the Lord.


In additon to being an itenerate speaker and published author, Tammie is also the host of The Voice of the Burning Ones podcast. Tammie is the founder of FireHouse Media and The Burning Ones Online Academy.

Tammie is a sought after prophetic speaker, author and revivalist.

Tammie and her husband Daymon lives in Atlanta, USA with their three daughters. They are passionate about serving the Kingdom of God together and longing to see a global move of God and a generation arise that will live a lifestyle as burning messengers for Jesus.